First Post on Complete Potential

When we were children, we used to feel like we are indispensable, strong, and able to do anything and everything we can ever think of. Nothing is impossible. But as life slowly unfolds, our self-perception change. We slowly come to face with each of our weaknesses and shortcomings. Sadly, by the time we age 40, some of us may feel we are nothing and worthless for anything.


I am one of those who used to just look at what I cannot do. I used to focus on my inabilities rather than what I am able to do. It’s even more sad to know that I am not alone in this journey. Earlier this week, I found interest in searching about teen suicides online. I was disturbed to see the number of suicide incidents that happened in the recent years. I remember the old, dark, teenage me. Bravely, I will admit that I used to think of committing suicide in my teenage years. Had it been not to my parents and close friends, you probably won’t be reading this right now. You will probably just find me in a memorial site.

When I was in that dark moment, someone dear gave me hope. Someone made me realize, God did not create me with a missing piece. He created me with my complete potential. It was only then that I realized it was up to me to fully utilize it. This is why I created this site. With hopes and prayers that I could be that “someone” to somebody. Feel free to check out my story on the about page. If you know someone who may be depressed or going through the same thing, feel free to share this blog post to them in the next coming weeks.